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Anthony Lopez


Anthony Lopez was born and raised in Brooklyn and currently lives on Staten Island. His roots in these areas enable him to provide his clients a better service as he knows all there is to know about the neighborhoods and their history. For the last 25 years, Anthony has been working in the automotive industry. This past experience has provided plenty of customer service experience, therefore making him an expert at understanding his clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. Anthony's sales experience is specialized in negotiations and reaching the best deal, and he never lets a deal walk away.

It was a natural transition for Anthony into real estate because it's his passion to work directly with people and help make their dreams come true. He believes that owning a home is the American Dream and Anthony finds immense fulfillment in being a part of that. Apart from real estate, other passions of his include working out, playing golf and most of all, spending time with his children.

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